Customer Service Policy

At Corinne Collins Freelance Web Site Design, every customer is important. Not only are your questions welcomed, but your preferences, desires and requirements for your web site are always our main concern.

We return all phone calls and answer all emails from our clients within 24 hours.

You will get free tech support after the sale. Although, we advertise that FREE tech support is for one year after your site is built, but we usually extend that for as long as you are a customer.

What defines free tech support?

  • We answer any questions you have about your web site.
  • Show you how to use your hosting control panel and how to access your web site statistics.
  • Troubleshooting any problems that may arise regarding domains, emails and hosting.
  • Provide tutoring for any e-commerce or content management setup on your site so that you can administrate your site yourself.

What tech support does not include is any work done on your site after the sale and the site is completed. This is considered maintenance work.

What defines maintenance?

  • Updating or upgrading any software currently on your web server.
  • Installing any new or additional software on your server.
  • Administrating the database, if your site has one.
  • Adding, deleting, changing text and/or images.
  • Creating any new images for your web site.
  • Adding any products and images to your e-commerce store after your site has been completed.
  • Adding any new pages to your web site.

To sum it up, maintenance is any work done on your web site that is not covered under what defines free tech support.

How much does maintenance cost? $45 per hour.

Because each situation is different, it is difficult to provide a quote as to how much your maintenance will be beforehand. We strive to work as quickly as possible to keep your costs down. Sometimes there are unforeseen problems which cannot be helped and may take the working process a little longer. If you have a budget constraint, but do need maintenance done, we work with you to try to keep your budget limitations in mind. It is important that you communicate what your budget limits are and we will let you know while we are working on your site, whether the work will require any time beyond your budget limitations. We don’t purposely stretch out the working time to get more money from you. We respect the fact that small businesses need to get the most for their money and find cost effective ways to run their businesses.

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