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Here you will find links to website resources. Everything from SEO information, color schemes, how to write content for the web and more.

Finding the right color combination will be easier with these color schemers.


Need some help with writing content? Check this out:

Hire a content writer/editor:

Richard Haynes

How to Hire a Content Writer



Here are some great tips for the beginner blogger.

Need some ideas for topics in your blog? Keep in mind you want to write about something your readers will be interested in. When people read blog articles, they want to know how the information will benefit them.

  1. Changes in your industry that affect consumers.
  2. Buyer beware articles.
  3. New services or products you are offering.
  4. Consumer information regarding your industry.
  5. FAQs you would like to address.
  6. Sales or promotions.
  7. Special online offerings.
  8. Show off your latest completed project or featured product.
  9. How To articles.

Have you got some other ideas? Send them to me and I’ll post them here. Nothing like having a brainstorming session to get the creative juices flowing!


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Here are some ways to keep in touch with your customers and possibly get return customers as well as new prospects.

  1. Mailing List
    • Have a mailing list set up so that your customers can subscribe to your mailing list to receive e-newsletters.
    • Send out email newsletters with pertinent information for your customers such as new services, online or in-store specials
    • Write featured articles that would be helpful to your customers and be sure to include a link to your web site in each newsletter.
    • Try for a free mailing list manager where you can choose some professional looking newsletter templates.
  2. Discounts and specials
    • Offer discounts for first time customers.
    • Offer some kind of a freebie with the first purchase.
  3. Include a tell-a-friend option on your site or use a social networking tool such as the addthis toolbox that you see on this website. You will need to sign up for an account. (It’s free).
  4. Car magnets, website address on all paperwork including invoices, statements, estimates, etc.
  5. Include your web site address on your voice mail message.
  6. Have a testimonials or reviews section on your website. Reviews by real customers give you credibility in the eyes of prospective customers.
  7. Video ads. Create a video ad(s), upload it to youtube (you’ll need to create a free account), add the embed code to your website. This gives your site the opportunity to stand out, and adds interest for your viewers. Be sure to create a good description which includes keywords people would use to find your video as well as a link back to your web site.
    a) If you choose to create more than one video, you can create a video channel on and offer the opportunity to subscribe to your channel.
  8. Sign up for Social Media Accounts-Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Google +, Pinterest and more is available to use to connect with customers and prospective customers. I personally use Hootsuite to manage my social media from just one place. You can sign up for a free account or upgrade which allows you to add more social media accounts to hootsuite.
  9. Add a blog to create articles of interest regarding your products or services to your viewing public. Along with adding more interest and useful information to your website, you can use keywords in your blog content to link to different pages of your web site. This will actually provide some quality backlinking.

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